Fleet Tracking Northampton and Bedford
Combined Tracking & Incident Camera 3G/4G  
Cloud-Based Solution 
IncidentCam is a next generation combined telematics and forward facing camera which records activity on a tamper-proof 32GB flash drive. In the event of a dangerous driving manoeuvre or an accident the IncidentCam automatically triggers and sends the footage over the 3G networks to a designated email recipient. This footage can be viewed online and used for protection against claims as well as driver analysis and training. 
Dashcam Northampton Bedford Milton Keynes
Dash Cam Northampton Bedford Milton Keynes
No SD Cards Required 
All footage is streamed from the vehicle to the Sure-Track web portal, all remotely controlled and managed from your desk without fear of file corruption or retrieval challenges. 
Add HD video evidence to crash/incident reports. 
Enhance driver behaviour reports with in-car real-time video analysis. 
Remote video downloads on demand. 
Instant Alerts 
Receive automated video footage and a detailed First Notification Of Loss report (FNOL) by email upon event trigger. Avoid timely and often impractical SD card retrieval, giving you incident evidence as it happens. 
Insurance Reduction 
Video evidence supports non-fault road traffic incidents and expedites claim settlements, leading to future savings on premiums that can run into hundreds of pounds per vehicle. 
Driver Training 
Analyse driving footage and provide feedback to your drivers as part of an advanced driver training programme resulting in a safer fleet, reduced running costs and improved accident record. 
On Demand 
For non-incident video, there is also a historic search feature to view recorded footage for past driving. Simply enter the date and time against the vehicle, and click “Request” to remotely stream the requested video from the vehicle 
Fleet Tracking Milton Keynes Dash Cam
What's Included? 
Vehicle Tracking  
3G/4G HD Incident Camera  
Driver Behaviour  
Roadwise Analysis 
Hardware & Installation 
Money Back Guarantee 
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