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Motivation, Gamification and Fleet Telematics 
Perhaps you have heard one of the tech world's favourite buzz words - gamification. In a nutshell, gamification is exactly as it sounds - something is made into a game, and this can make almost anything fun. It is a great idea as it can be used to improve teaching and educational outcomes, and even be used to alter behavioural patterns in almost any setting. It appears in marketing, customer loyalty campaigns, and industrial strategies. 
As a prime example, think of that fitness watch you or one of your friends is now using. It may keep track of the number of steps taken each day, the pulse rate of the wearer, the blood pressure, and even more. However, that little watch-like gadget also reports back to an app or software that allows the owner to see the results of each day. They can create goals, track themselves, and find remarkable amounts of motivation because of it. They might be able to use a single click of a mouse or tap on a smartphone screen to share information about goals on social media or the manufacturer's landing pages. 
Clearly, it is a methodology with countless possibilities. Thus, the rapid spread of gamification into almost any area of life and business. 
Fleet Telematics Meets Gamification 
Using information to change or alter behaviour and even build loyalty stands at the foundation of fleet telematics too. As a system that monitors the status, behaviour, location, movement and other patterns of fleet vehicles on an individual basis, it seems obvious that blending both gamification and fleet telematics will lead to fantastic outcomes. 
When you combine them, you get an ideal solution to altering driver behaviours to meet company goals, without also making the drivers feel that "big brother" is watching. Instead, drivers become engaged, motivated and even enjoy a bit of healthy competition in meeting or exceeding company goals. It becomes what so many call a "carrot" rather than a "stick" mentality, and most humans respond far better to this than any other approach. 
Of course, the use of fleet telematics along with gamification is not just a matter of motivating drivers towards a single outcome, such as increased productivity. It is also something that any company might use to control fleet operating costs, improve customer service/satisfaction levels, and so much more. 
The number of technologies capable of being incorporated into any fleet telematics is substantial. While most think of GPS, the entire fleet's status can be monitored at all times if necessary. For example, is one fleet vehicle running? Is the engine on or off? What is the speed it is currently travelling, and what are the statistics about the car when it is just idling? With such up to the moment data, any company relying on fleet vehicles can actually understand every possible facet of this particular area of business. 
With the data, a firm can implement goals, and then turn those goals into game-like or competitive missions through the use of gamification technologies. It could be possible to make the reduction of fuel consumption, any "green" initiatives, a reduction in insurance premiums, higher rates of efficiency, and other realistic and measurable goals attainable. 
Understanding Needs 
While it is impossible to outline and identify any particular company's goals in a general sense, we can consider workable path for any firm to follow in order to implement fleet telematics that can use gamification techniques as well. 
It has to start with a "discovery" process. 
What are your goals? What about your company's needs? It is impossible to get the most out of gamification and fleet telematics without your primary objectives or company priorities clearly defined. At Telematics Pro UK Lts. we work with companies and businesses of all sizes to help them recognize how these technologies can be integrated into their operations and help reach goals. 
A telematics solution is one that is possible for a firm of any size, and each will use a combination of tracking devices, mobile apps, and live tracking to create an accurate portrait of where your fleet stands in terms of performance, activity, efficiency and so on. Using that data, we can help you to run a thorough analysis of the entire fleet, identifying everything from individual driver behaviours to redundancies in routes or patterns. 
From this analysis, you can then understand if individual drivers need further training or if widespread changes must occur in the fleet. This is also when any gamification can be added as it adds an incentive to training and an element of fun along the way. 
Gamification Equals Motivation and Success 
In a recent article in Automotive-Fleet, the author said: 
Gamification has experienced a boom in popularity across fleets. This was driven by a number of factors: 
• The popularity of smart phones. 
• The daily use and acceptance of apps. 
• The growing popularity of social gaming among non-gamers. 
• A shift in workplace culture emphasizing rewards over punitive consequences. 
How could a business use the data they get from working with Telematics Pro UK Lts. to assess their fleet and analyse for areas of improvement through gamification? It is remarkably simple! Consider what another industry expert suggested: 
The gamification concept is simple. Drivers are given a set of driving or productivity goals they are trying to achieve for a given period, such as eliminating idling or speeding. The running results are kept track of during the “contest” period and drivers are measured and benchmarked against each other. 
For a service fleet, they’re often a tight group with a lot of rapport. Gamification dials into their natural competitive nature. 
A firm might use their social media to reveal the top drivers or they can use simple in-house communications to let all of the fleet understand who is leading the race and winning the "game". They may not even make it a publicly discussed game, and simply use financial or other rewards included in each pay period. Driver "A" for example, may be the winner for improving fuel consumption or getting a lot of positive customer feedback, and so on. This may appear in the firm's newsletter, website, social media or simply be a small financial bonus in that driver's upcoming paycheque. 
While being a top performer is good for an individual driver's morale, one of the fascinating elements of any fleet telematics implementation through gamification is that it also helps all drivers to improve their performance in general. 
Self-improvement is a natural by-product of the use of these technologies; and not only for drivers. The fleet managers can see improvements in their performance, dispatchers may do far better, and the fleet as a whole sees marked improvements, and all with the use of "carrot rather than stick" methods. 
When used properly, fleet telematics can also identify areas of concern that may have passed beneath management's "radar". For example, drivers may consistently behave in ways that are outside of company policies in terms of their driving patterns. They may even be operating in ways that are unsafe and prone to accident. There are huge cost implications here, including vehicle damages, insurance payments, fuel costs and more. However, as we have said to many clients, "data is only of any use if you analyse it and implement changes based on the data", but many firms don't exactly know how to start. The gamification of your fleet telematics is a solid, effective and non-punitive approach. 
Implementing Change 
We get it, we understand how management may struggle with a driver or entire fleet of drivers with "leaden feet" who seem to use hard acceleration, fail to drive cautiously and cost the company. How do you work with them if their driving habits are so horrid? This is exactly why gamification works so well with fleet telematics. You find a driver is "flooring it" at all times or even doing the opposite and burning up fuel by idling for great stretches. 
This data is invaluable because it tells you exactly the areas of training you need to emphasize. At Telematics Pro UK Lts. we can recommend and even provide the driver training you need to reach your goals. Whether it is to have greater safety, better operating costs, or a more productive use of the fleet, we can provide the tools and support needed. Through E-learning modules and even on-road training, we can ensure that your fleet goals can be met. 
The point is to be focused. For instance, you cannot implement changes necessary for meet four or five separate goals. As one writer indicated: 
there are pitfalls fleet managers need to avoid when implementing a gamification program…one of the biggest pitfalls has been fleets trying to do too much at one time…You can’t focus your drivers on five different things at once. You can do one or maximum two at a time…A good game gives meaningful accomplishments and clear achievements. You have to make sure that you put that in your program. It has to have attainable accomplishments and be meaningful. 
At Telematics Pro UK Lts. we offer end to end fleet telematics solution. Providing you with the tools needed to make meeting your fleet's goals fun and effective, we can help you identify all relevant performance data, analyze areas of weakness or underperformance, and then support your firm in executing the right gamification and fleet telematics solutions. With driver learning and training, we ensure that your policy changes are rewarding instead of punitive, making it a win-win venture for everyone involved. 
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