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As an employer or self-employed person, you are responsible for assessing the risks to health and safety in your business. Risk assessment for any work-related driving activity should follow the same principles as for any other work activity. 
More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time (Department for Transport figures). 
Under the tough new guidelines introduced by the Ministry of Justice in February 2016, the minimum recommended penalty for any business convicted of corporate manslaughter is six figures
In December 2015, Baldwins Cranes was fined £700,000 and ordered to pay £200,000 in costs making this the UK’s highest fine to date. The new guidelines mean that fines will now be relative to turnover. If revenue is above £50 Million a fine can be up to £10 Million, while organisations generating less than £2 million revenue can be fined a maximum of £450,000. 
Under the new guidelines Baldwins Cranes could have been fined £4 million. While those judged responsible for driving deaths face up to 2 years in prison. 
Organisations have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety. It should be part of the everyday process of running an organisation and part of good management generally. 
Dismissing any journey as irrelevant, such as dropping off paperwork at a client’s office or driving to an awards event is misguided, as these journeys are very much covered by present legislation. 
This is where telematics becomes very powerful. It enables HR, fleet managers or other persons responsible for vehicles being driven for work to identity if any of their people have been driving erratically, dangerously or simply for too many hours in a typical day or week, endangering themselves and others. 
Installing telematics in company vans or cars is straightforward, the company simply chooses to make it mandatory in all vehicles. There is of course a slightly bigger challenge in private grey fleet where the vehicle is owned by the driver, and the driver does not want a telematics box installed into their vehicle. However, with advancements in technology there is robust and reliable Plug & Play solutions available, allowing a company to simply plug a box into the OBDII port of a vehicle. No holes, no wiring, no down time, no installation cost. They of course can be unplugged and policies should be implemented to prevent this becoming an issue. 
Choosing the right telematics solution can be a minefield. Finding time to analyse telematics data and act upon it is often the bigger challenge. 
Mark Cartwright of What Van? Head of the FTA’s Van Excellence Scheme had this to say on the importance of acting upon telematics data, “Fleets should adopt a national standard because if they don’t and something goes badly wrong they will be held responsible” 
This is where Telematics Pro do things differently. We are not limited to promoting the features and benefits of a single solution. We offer our clients variety and choice through our partnerships with 4 market leading telematics brands. We can offer open and candid advice regarding strengths and weaknesses of solutions, ensuring we identify the right solution first time every time. 
In addition to the supply and installation of a solution we also offer a fixed cost monthly management service. Here we provide anything from a single report, to full system administration including data analysis and feedback. Freeing up our client’s time, reducing risk and producing better return on invesment in a shorter timescale. 
If you would like to have an impartial conversation about the benefits of telematics, the solutions available on the market, best practices, and how our services can help your business, give us a call on 0800 043 2028.  
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