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Telematics in 2017 
There is no doubt the Telematics Market is exploding and continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This growth is being driven by business owners, operations leaders and fleet managers who recognise the many benefits relating to automation, safety and cost reduction. 
In 2017 we will see a further departure from the old fashioned “track & trace” view of telematics, with the biggest results and ROI coming to those who use it to improve business automation and customer experience. 
“Maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to lift revenue by up to 15% percent while lowering cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.” Fieldservice Matters 
Remember the days of the 8 hour delivery window, where you had to be at home waiting for that new phone to be delivered and it still didn’t turn up? They’re history! Courier companies across the globe are creatively using telematics to improve their customer experience. Only yesterday, I used a delivery service that allowed me to choose my delivery slot and track progress through an online portal. 
Perhaps it’s easy to expect these benefits within the transport and logistics industry, but they apply to multiple vertical markets and any business that has a field based work force. 
As solutions are being designed with a mobile first approach they are becoming more accessible and easier to use, allowing businesses to utilise their existing smartphone hardware and manage costs. This also means the technology is easier to implement and adoption rates are improved, while open API’s and exportable reports make it easier to integrate with other software platforms. 
No matter what size of fleet you operate, telematics will enable you to: 
• Make better decisions 
• Improve accuracy 
• Enhance customer experience 
• Increase revenue 
• Lower operating costs 
If your business is using telematics to purely track vehicle movement, how do you remain competitive against a business that is doing so much more with it? Those businesses that do not embrace the technology will get left behind. 
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